Truly sustainable

June 23, 2022

Clean clear water

Aquaculture is leading the way in the efficient production of protein. By breeding fish with better food conversion ratio’s, faster growth rates, and higher survival in managed systems, the impact on the environment compared to wild-catch is significantly decreased.  Small land footprints and low water use are other vital sustainability attributes.

In the case of Infinity Blue Springwater Barramundi, we draw naturally heated water from an underground aquifer, which means we have pristine water without energy and environmental costs involved with heating. And because the water is slightly salty, it cannot be used by farmers to grow crops.  But wait there’s more: because we can control all our inputs and outputs, we capture our waste to produce an organic fertiliser!

This is a great example of utilising a resource effectively, and sustainably. So if you want a fish that is not only good for you, but good for the planet and our future food security, choose Infinity Blue Barramundi.