Our Barramundi are nurtured in the purest of water

Succulent & sustainable


Mainstream Aquaculture – the producers of Infinity Blue Barramundi – have the goal to feed the world with nutritious, delicious white fish. With over 20 years of fish husbandry experience in Australia, Infinity Blue entered the USA market through the acquisition of a farm in Arizona.

Infinity Blue Desert Springs Barramundi is grown in pristine spring waters pulled from an ancient aquifer. Our Barramundi is a delicious fish with firm, white succulent flesh; the result of passionately combining all-natural ingredients, gentle fish handling practices and a deep understanding of Barramundi.

Barramundi Ceviche dish

America’s premium Barramundi

Infinity Blue Barramundi is the freshest Barramundi to market. Our fish are proudly grown in Arizona using premium feed and truly sustainable farming techniques. The convenient Desert Springs farm location allows our fish to be harvested, chilled and delivered to our customers within 24 hours, all through an extremely short supply chain with low food miles. Free of antibiotics, hormones, colourants and whitening agents, Desert Springs Barramundi are high in omega-3s and low in fat.

The Farms

Etty Bay Barramundi logo

Etty Bay is a beautiful bay near our Tropical North Queensland farm, recently featuring in Australia’s top 10 most beautiful secret beaches. A favourite with locals to swim and relax, it is a peaceful and idyllic North Queensland hideaway. The pure waters of the reef infuse these magnificent fish with award winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience.

Etty Bay Coastline
Wyndham Barramundi logo

Our Victorian farm is located in Wyndham, an historic agricultural area just outside of Melbourne. Here, the finest quality baby Barramundi are grown in pristine geothermally heated spring water, drawn from the same ancient aquifer that links Hepburn Springs and the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Desert Springs Barramundi logo

Our Desert Springs farm is located in south-west Arizona, where our Barramundi are raised in pristine spring water sourced from an ancient underground aquifer. This water source is free of industrial and biological pollutants, resulting in a firm, meaty texture and an exceptionally clean and buttery flavour.

Infinity Blue Barramundi Facts

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