The Fish


Native to Northern Australia, the name ‘Barramundi’ comes from the Indigenous Australian Gangulu language group in Central Queensland and means ‘large-scaled river fish’.

Northern Australia

In the Indigenous Australian folklore of Dreamtime, two lovers who are forbidden to be together according to tribal law, run away to be with one another.

They are pursued by their tribe and are cornered with their backs to the ocean. The young man throws his spears to ward off the tribe, and the young woman crafts more spears with the sticks and stones at her feet – binding them together with her long hair.

As they grow increasingly desperate, rather than face the retribution of the tribe, the two lovers clasp hands and enter the water. Expecting death, the Great Spirit grants compassion and transforms the couple into Barramundi so they may stay together eternally.

“Barramundi is an exceptional eating white fish with a mild, buttery flavour and firm, meaty texture.”

Throughout their life, each Barramundi is both male and female. They are all born male and transition into females after 3-4 years. In this sense, the dreamtime story holds true, with the man and woman never being separated!

Barramundi have been speared and roasted over hot coals for tens of thousands of years, and the fish is still celebrated for its ongoing cultural significance in Australia. Now it is recognised as a culinary delight due to the versatility suiting a wide variety of cuisines and cooking styles. Barramundi is an exceptional eating white fish with a mild, buttery flavour and firm, meaty texture.

Where it all Begins

Wyndham, VIC

At our state of the art urban farm just outside of Melbourne, we raise our plate sized Barramundi with geothermally heated spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer free of any industrial or biological pollutants.

Our local sourcing, revolutionary farming technology and short supply chain results in class leading sustainability credentials and an exciting future for all.

And the result; the freshest available sashimi-grade fish with a deliciously clean taste.

Clean, green & Pristine

Etty Bay, QLD

Our North Queensland farm is located between two World Heritage listed environments – the Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest.

In caring for this ecological wonderland, our property preserves 32ha of unique wetland in its’ natural state, showcasing our commitment to conservation and sustainability.

The pure waters of the reef infuse these magnificent fish with award winning flavour, creating the finest dining experience.

Born In Australia, Raised in U.S.A

Aerial photo of Infinity Blue Desert Springs pools

Desert Springs, Arizona

Desert Springs Barramundi start life in their native Australia and are raised in pure spring water pulled from an ancient aquifer. This pristine water source is free of biological and industrial pollutants, achieving an amazingly mild and buttery flavour.

Our Barramundi feel right at home in the Arizona desert, as the naturally heated water sits at their preferred temperature to thrive.

The convenient Desert Springs farm location allows us the fish to be harvested, chilled and delivered to customers within 24 hours, all through an extremely short supply chain with low food miles.