About Us

From humble beginnings

MainStream Aquaculture and Infinity Blue

MainStream Aquaculture is the Australian producer of Infinity Blue Desert Springs Barramundi, who are proudly raising the iconic Australian fish in Arizona, USA for consumption in the domestic market.

Founded in 2001 by two mates who had a desire to help feed the world with delicious, sustainably produced fish, we now have over 20 years of Barramundi husbandry experience.

It all began with a dream to push boundaries of traditional farming, growing fish in geothermally heated, pristine spring water drawn from an ancient aquifer. Located just outside of Melbourne and boasting the world’s largest warm water aquaculture farm of its type, they now are also the largest fingerling supplier in both Australia and the world, exporting beautiful baby Barramundi to 27 countries.

Etty Bay

Merging with MainStream Aquaculture in 2018, Pejo Enterprises (now trading as MainStream Aquaculture Queensland) was founded in 2002 by Marty and Linda Phillips. Raising superb Barramundi at their farm nestled between rainforest and reef in one of Australia’s most beautiful and pristine environments, Marty and Linda combine the best that nature provides and a deep understanding of Barramundi to strike the perfect balance between science and nature.

The property preserves 32ha of unique wetland in its’ natural state with amazing biodiversity, showcasing a commitment to conservation and sustainability. These magnificent fish recently took out the gold and silver medals at the 2021 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Man holding a barramundi in QLD

Desert Springs

Aerial photo of Infinity Blue Desert Springs pools

In 2022, Mainstream entered the U.S.A market through domestic production of Barramundi in the Arizona desert. With the purchase of the Arizona site, Mainstream is raising fine eating Barramundi in close proximity to major U.S.A markets – resulting in a short supply chain and low food miles.

Mainstream is proud to be bringing its fish husbandry experience to the U.S.A and sharing the unique skills and technology with the local workforce. The resulting food product is has a succulent, buttery finish and excellent natural fat content.

Infinity Blue Barramundi is the brand name for MainStream’s Australian and American table-fish Barramundi which reflects their values for providing seafood for the future, and sustainability.

Infinity Blue Barramundi are grown in pristine water conditions, with no antibiotics or hormones, and are harvested using best practices to minimise stress.

By eating Infinity Blue Barramundi, you are saving our oceans, one fish at a time!