Our Philosophy


“And that’s what Infinity Blue Barramundi looks for… farmed in the best areas of Australia that suits this variety but at the same time keeping a perfect flavour profile that will be enjoyable for all of our guests.”

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Infinity Blue Barramundi has been grown fresh from farm to plate for over 20 years. When you see the Infinity Blue stamp, you are guaranteed that the Barramundi comes from the best farms.

Desert Springs Barramundi is the freshest to market due to our short supply chain and low food miles. Proudly grown in Arizona, U.S.A, our fish is harvested, packed and delivered to customers within 24 hours.

Unlike many imported alternatives with a long and complicated journey to your plate, rest assured Infinity Blue is a truly fresh seafood offering.

The Science

The worlds’ most advanced selective breeding program ensures only the best Barramundi make the trip over from Australia.

Our breeding program continually improves the quality of our fish, increasing fillet yield, disease resistance, omega-3 and flesh colouration.

Scientist looking through microscope at barramundi fingerlings

The Care

Our deep understanding of barramundi allows for fine-tuned fish management practices.

Our fish are kept happy and healthy, with gentle harvesting processes to minimise bruising and stress. The result is a superior food product to your restaurant

The Sustainability

While the world’s oceans and water systems are overfished and over exploited, our approach to aquaculture serves as the future of seafood production.

We have a pending BAP certification and our fish have an excellent feed conversion ratio. The Desert Springs farm location is within close proximity to major markets, meaning our fish has extremely low food miles.

Etty Bay Coastline
BAP Certified

Best Aquaculture Practices

Sustainable Australian Barramundi

Gold and Silver Medal

Visit our Farms

Infinity Blue Desert Springs

Our American farm located Arizona, U.S.A.

Infinity Blue Etty Bay

Our Queensland farm producing fillet sized fish.

Infinity Blue Wyndham

Our Victorian farm producing plate sized fish.