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Where the rainforest meets the reef

Our Tropical North Queensland farm is located where two World Heritage Sites meet – the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. The unique high salinity pure saltwaters of the reef infuse our Daintree fish with magnificent one-of-a-kind flavour.

Nestled in the only place in the world where the Rainforest meets the Reef


Daintree – The Fish

Barramundi fillet

Daintree produces full flavoured premium fillet sized saltwater Barramundi. This fish has sweet, buttery and moist texture with large meaty flakes once cooked. Raised in the wild-forest estuaries of the Daintree, the environment produces an amazingly clean and crisp flavour.

The best ingredients provide versatility across a wide range of cuisines, dishes and cooking styles. Daintree Barramundi has a sweet and buttery finish and excellent natural fat content with Omega-3 and proteins.

Combining the purest naturally high salinity waters, best organic feed, fish care, science and speed to market, our fish are the highest quality available. Just as differences in soil and weather provide variances in wine, our different farms and ecosystems produce fish with different sizes, flavour and taste attributes.

The Daintree Barramundi boasts a full flavored naturally buttery and sweet taste that is versatile for any dish and cooking style and is a perfect choice for a discerning foodie or chef.

Barramundi Dish

Daintree – The Place


The Daintree Rainforest is exceptional in many ways. It is one of the oldest continuous living tropical rainforests in the world – over a hundred million years old.

It contains one of the most complete and diverse living records of the major stages in the evolution of land plants, particularly in the origin, evolution and dispersal of flowering plants. It is also provides a glimpse in the history of marsupials and songbirds, containing species older than human life itself.

Etty Bay coast line

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Etty Bay Barramundi

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