An Omega-3 mega source and high in protein

June 23, 2022

Lady smiling with salad

Its well publicised that omega-3 is essential for brain health, but less well known is that Barramundi has one of the highest omega-3 levels for white fish and has similar levels as found in Salmon.

Humans do not synthesise omega-3, so we have to obtain it from our diet. Omega-3 can be bought as concentrated fish oil capsules, however a diet that incorporates 2-3 meals of fish containing high levels of omega 3, such as Barramundi, per week can be effective at improving your levels of this vital fatty acid.

Infinity Blue Barramundi has nearly 3000mg of omega-3, plus it has nearly 30g of protein, per 150g serving. So whether you are looking to improve brain function, or put on muscle mass, Infinity Blue Barramundi should be your number one on your weekly shopping list!