The future of seafood – truly sustainable production

September 19, 2022

Infinity Blue Desert Springs wide angle

By the year 2100, it is estimated that there will be 11 billion people on earth. Currently, we are at 7.2 billion, and there are already nearly 1 billion people who are chronically hungry every day.\

Being smart about how we produce our food will be a vital in the years to come.  There are exciting breakthroughs on the horizon such as the development of drought-resistant crops, but it’s clear that if we use un-sustainable farming practices today, there will be no resource to use for tomorrow.

Aquaculture is leading the way in the efficient production of protein. By breeding fish with better food conversion ratio’s (the amount of feed required to produce 1 kg of fish), faster growth rates, and higher survival in managed systems, the impact on the environment compared to wild-catch is significantly decreased. Small land footprints and low water use are other vital sustainability attributes.

In the case of Infinity Blue Springwater Barramundi, we draw naturally heated water from an underground aquifer, which means we have pristine water without heating costs. And because the water is salty, it cannot be used to grow crops.  But wait there’s more: because we can control all our inputs and outputs, we capture our waste to produce an organic fertilizer!

This is a great example of utilizing a resource effectively, and sustainably. So if you want a fish that is not only good for you, but good for the planet and our future food security, choose Infinity Blue Barramundi.