Infinity Blue Barramundi

Proud Product of the U.S.A

For America’s Premium
Barramundi, Ask for Infinity Blue

Our Desert Springs farm is the perfect environment to raise our healthy and robust Barramundi. The naturally heated spring water perfectly replicates their native waters of North Australia.

Infinity Blue Desert Springs wide angle

Raised in pristine spring water pulled from an ancient geothermal aquifer in Arizona.

Product Attributes

Fillet sized

Our Desert Springs produces our premium fillet sized spring water Barramundi.


The fish has a firm, moist texture and large, meaty flakes once cooked.

Purest water

The pure water source contains no biological or industrial pollutants.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Our fish contains no hormones, antibiotics, colorants or whitening agents.

Naturally delicious

Desert Springs Barramundi has a succulent, buttery finish and excellent natural fat content.


From beautiful hot and cold smoked offerings, fresh ceviche, classic crispy skin portions, to sautéed and steamed dishes – it’s time to get creative!

“Having the opportunity to produce this iconic fish right here in Arizona is very exciting for everyone involved at Mainstream USA. We are committed to producing the best quality product and with Desert Springs Barramundi, I am sure everyone else will enjoy the outstanding quality and freshness of this locally produced premium white fish.”

Matthew Mangan, President, Mainstream USA

Support local. support sustainable.

Person scooping barramundi fingerlings in net

Desert Springs Barramundi are born in Australia and proudly raised in the U.S.A.

By choosing Infinity Blue, you are supporting the responsible production of seafood and the team that makes this happen. In producing our beautiful Barramundi in the U.S.A, Infinity Blue is supporting local jobs and helping to develop the domestic aquaculture industry.